3 Reasons why your property should have a Payment Gateway

But first, what is a Payment gateway?

A payment gateway or virtual payment solution – its a third-party solution between buyers and sellers that securely takes the money from the buyer’s account and sends it to the seller’s bank account. The important part is that the gateway encrypts the buyers card details.

Once you are set-up and active with your virtual payment system, you can send your customer an on-line payment link requesting the due amount on their account.  Once they have made the payment you will receive a proof of payment to confirm payment has been made successfully into your business account.

Protection, Security & Convenience

  1. The advantage of using virtual payments solution is that it is completely in-line with the current Data Protection Law, meaning you no longer have access to your customers bank card / account details preventing any personal information on your client falling into the wrong hands. It safeguards your client and your business.
  2. A benefit of using a payment gateway linked to your online channels would be that any funds made by your customer can be processed immediately and seamlessly. The payment gateway acts as the “middleman” securely taking the funds from your customers account and sending it directly to your business account. Should the unfortunate happen, and the customers card was unsuccessful you will receive a notification. You can then make the decision to cancel the reservation freeing up your availability for your next potential customer to book.
  3. Convenience is on the biggest considerations when making a booking. According to the National Payment System (NPS) more than ZAR 350 billion is settled every day through non-cash payment instruments. Pair this with traveller’s concern for security it makes sense to use the most convenient and secure payment option available.

There are many Virtual gateways available on the South African market.  We can recommend PayBridgeDPO, Peach payment, as we work with them daily.

If you need assistances in finding the right system for you, get in touch as we would be delighted to help!