How We Do It



How accurate are your answers to the following questions?

  • Who is your ideal guest?
  • Do they know about you?
  • Why would they book with you?
  • How do you speak to them?

We answer these questions through research analytics and combine creative minds and know-how to develop strategic solutions with specific outcomes.


Sales Representation

Being a Proactive client means having access to a full salesforce looking after various trade relationships in a variety of markets, and attending all major travel shows.

The Proactive Sales team has long-standing relationships with travel operators and work to get your property featured in their itineraries.
Our team also attends all the major travel trade shows.

Speak to us to have your property presented in our showcase.

Travel operators continue to play a crucial role in securing bed nights for your establishment. We understand the market and can strategically position your property to ensure maximum returns.

Your business and our business have a common goal: Selling your bed nights

Proactive Hospitality Solutions uses marketing and sales fundamentals to connect your hospitality business to travellers around the world. Our approach to hotel marketing is strategic, and our team comprises uniquely qualified professionals.

We place strategy at the core of each section of the overall marketing plan for your business, ensuring each activity increases your occupancy.

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Website Design

Your website is your shopping window to the world. Is it dressed correctly? Does it function optimally? If you cannot answer these questions with a confident yes; you are probably losing out on bookings.

Invite Proactive to analyse and test your site to ensure it is best suited to assist in selling your bed nights.


Outsourced Reservations

Your Reservations department is arguably the most crucial part of the sales and marketing strategy.
As the first member of staff to engage with guests; your reservationist should be a skilled salesperson who upsells, adds value to your guests and closes deals.

The Proactive Reservations team:

  • Skilled and experiences
  • Capture bookings on various systems
  • People-orientated
  • Sales-driven

Proactive reservationists know that they hold the keys to the success or failure of any strategy. As the final step in the sales process; Proactive Reservations ensure that we can deliver on our goal: selling your bed nights.


OTA & Social Media

If your website is your shop window then Social Media and Online Travel Agents (OTA) are the streets that run past it

Your online presence shapes the world’s perception of your business, and ultimately, determines your audience.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Expedia

These and many more online platforms need to work together to spread your brand message and bring the traveller to your shop window.
The Proactive team of online specialists (OTA and Social Media) translates the strategy into measurable booking enquiries and sold bed nights.