Placing People in Hospitality – Proactive Recruitment

We are pleased to announce that we are launching Proactive Recruitment from the 17th of May 2022!

Proactive Recruitment forms part of the broad range of hospitality services offered by Proactive Hospitality Solutions. 

Our unique and overall understanding of the hospitality industry as well as our vast network allows us to provide the perfect platform in securing the ideal candidates for our clients. This is based on our interpretation of your very specialised recruitment needs.

Candidates needs to fit into your establishment’s culture and enhance the overall capabilities to ensure they can achieve impeccable results and exceed your guest expectations.

Recruiting exceptional people can be a very time consuming and lengthy process. Here at Proactive Recruitment, our team will only recommend a candidate to you if we believe they demonstrate the right attributes that would fit into your team.

As we have an existing infrastructure and system, the recruitment process is easy for us. We do the work, save you the time and provide you with your desired candidate to simply approve.

Our fees per annum are as follows:

  •         1 once off placement per annum is 12% per placement
  •         2 or more placements per annum will only be 8% per placement

Let us know what your skills needs are!

Gemma & Jesamine will be happy to assist.