The nature of our business is to propel the success of yours. Therefore, we have various rate models that are structured to meet your needs.

Our rates are based on several factors such as, but not limited to:

  • Size of your establishment 
    • Number of bed nights to be sold
    • Number and variety of product offerings (tented camp vs chalets vs boutique hotel)
  • What is currently in place 
    • Are we starting from scratch or have you something in place upon which we are building and augmenting?
  • How many services do you want?
    • As is the case in hospitality where single-occupancy vs two people sharing changes the room cost; your cost per service decreases when your business needs more than one Proactive service.

Our key objective is to provide you with a service that will increase your bed night sales and enhance your business. We will work with you to find the perfect scenario and structure rates that ensure our proactive hospitality solutions remain affordable.

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