Sales Requires Creativity

Sales requires creativity:

I have always had a creative side to me wanting to express itself in many forms.

None of you know this, but I came into the industry to become a chef, yes, a chef! Thanks to Jamie Oliver and his effortless work in the kitchen (yes, the sales gene has always been with me, but I also have that creative gene too).

One of the reasons I love sales so much is because I can be creative, interactive and most of all expressive (I talk with my hands). Problem-solving requires creativity and out of the box thinking (problem – think solution) so I believe it is one of my superpowers.

Getting Creative with sales

What is needed now with your sales force? The answer is creativity.

The biggest problem we are seeing today is that salespeople do not get through to the people they need to talk to, the decision-makers. They always or in most cases must sell to the man who must sell to the decision-maker. So, we need to turn the non-buyer into our sales agent to get the sale or at least a meeting with the decision-maker. Does this make sense?

What most salespeople would like right now is more conversations with people who can make decisions to buy but they cannot have those conversations if they cannot get through. Here are some reasons why you or your sales team cannot get through.

  • You are sending generic emails with no personalization or value….BLAND!
  • You are sending a sales message on LinkedIn with no personalization or value….BLAND AGAIN!
  • You are cold calling without a valid business reason, again, no personalization or VALUE!

You are simply not standing out. Here is when you need to get CREATIVE.

Cold outreach can work but most sellers have very low success rates.


Stop letting your team continue down this path of low success. It is time to get creative so you can get more conversations that will lead to sales.

Stop getting ghosted. Increase response rates. Book conversations.

Here are some ways to make this happen: 

  • Sending Videos: this creates a build up to your message or at least allows the buyer time to see what you are all about, and its fun.
  • Sending Gifts: Not a bribe but a gift, sometimes saying thank you first gets you in, or a gift that they will use daily with your logo on. This keeps your presence alive.
  • Hosting Fun Events: Virtual wine tastings or cocktails, a lunch, interactive workshops or even a cooking class.
  • Sending Notes: Express your gratitude by sending a handwritten note, a thank you email, or even sending a compliment to the person’s direct report. This adds value even if there was no traction made in the sales pitch, it leaves a good impression.

So now its time to get creative, what are YOU going to do?