What Is Eco Tourism

Do you ever wish you can go to a destination where cell phones have no signal, and it feels like the world can stand still for a bit, I know I have? Then you should try Ecotourism.

What is Eco-Tourism?

Ecotourism is allowing tourists to experience the natural environment without damaging nor disturbing its habitats. We all wander off-road now and again and that is normally when we find these amazing gems. Untouched by the human hands and away from the concrete jungles – the natural beauty of our planet we call earth.

Ecotourism is the fastest growing sector in the tourism industry, and the great news is, anyone can be part of this movement.

I have recently spoken to someone about Ecotourism and they got all excited and mentioned a hotel that is part of Ecotourism. Now, do not get me wrong, but we all need to realize that a Green Hotel is different from Ecotourism. Green hotels are properties that use recycled water in their bathrooms, encourage guests to take showers instead of baths, and re-use their towels. These are just some practices that they need to follow to be classified as a Green hotel.

Ecotourism is when you respect other ways of living, care for your environment, engage with the local people, and spend your money in ways that would benefit the local communities. That is when you can have a positive impact and help change the world. Did you know that you can help with Ecotourism when traveling around the world or even whilst being in your hometown?

Some examples to explain how you, me, or anybody can help with supporting Ecotourism to make sure the next generations would also have access to these beautiful travel destinations:

  • Instead of buying a souvenir that was imported, buy something from a local shop or artist. This will help stimulate the local economy and generate jobs for the locals.
  • Use public transport, and if traveling to the same location, share a ride. When you need to take a flight, book a nonstop flight, saving fuel.
  • Wildlife is the most important part of Ecotourism, take care of it. Do not purchase any animal products. Purchasing any of these items compromises the future of wildlife.
  • We all love a beautiful flower, plant, or tree, but let us not pick nor step on them. A photo last longer. Take a beautiful picture instead of picking them and damaging the plant.

So, to conclude, let us all get together to protect our planet’s natural habitats by choosing to make a difference in the future of mother nature.