Outsource Your Reservations Service

Are you busy maximising your revenue and occupancy? Are you following up on provisional reservations? Are you constantly improving your reservations team’s skills? Are you able to generate marketing reports from your property management system (PMS) to maximise your future sales and target the correct markets?

If your answers to these questions are no or not really… then you are in for a treat!

Outsource your reservations service.

What is outsourcing? It is a strategy by which an organisation contracts out functions to specialised and efficient service providers who ultimately become valued business partners.

When you outsource hotel reservations to a professional service provider like Proactive Reservations, you get the assurance that incoming calls will not go unanswered, emails will be responded to within a maximum turnaround time of 2 hours to drive conversions by leaving a positive first impression on your prospective customers by answering them promptly and courteously.

You not only receive a highly specialised reservations consultant, but a whole team of the best talent in the industry with years of experience. Our consultants work on all the different PMS systems which properties use: Protel, Semper, Opera, ResRequest, Mews, Nightsbridge, Little Hotelier, BridgeIT, Eres just to name a few.

You pay a contracted price and a predictable monthly cost for 7-day coverage of your property with no overtime expenses or the worry of when your employees call in sick or go on their annual leave.

You have a dedicated team who thinks outside the box and think of other methods to improve your establishment’s offering and reaching targets.

The team acts proactively instead of reactively. Our consultants are trained to capture reservations into the PMS to be able to achieve the best possible results and generate accurate reports in order to forecast and brainstorm with the marketing and sales teams, again, to increase revenue.

You don’t have to own and maintain highly specialised equipment, office space etc. Proactive Reservations’ office is set up to plug into any reservations system a property may have.

Outsourcing allows you to focus more on your core business which is delivering the best service to your inhouse guests. Apart from helping you limit overhead expenses, outsourcing your reservations service can be instrumental in elevating operational efficiency and the level of service rendered by your in-house employees.

When deciding to outsource your hotel reservations service, it is essential that you choose the correct service provider, considering the importance of the service and how it impacts guest relations and your hotel’s revenue. Proactive reservations collaborate with you as a partner, we see ourselves as an extension of your employees. We want to boost your top-line revenue and bottom line efficiencies through cross-selling, up-selling, direct bookings, optimized processes and more.

While doing all this, we never lose sight of your guests, doing everything we can in our capacity to fulfil their needs, resolve complaints to their satisfaction, and prevent reservation cancellations.

Let us join your team and be Proactive in your strategy.