Sales Representation

Sales Representation moving into 2023

Based on recent tourism industry market reports, we will forever remember 2022 as the post-covid comeback year! As our world becomes increasingly diverse, the hospitality industry needs to recognize and reflect on the way it operates. Basically, redefining its purpose in this “New Normal” era.

With multicultural and multinational markets worldwide, the benefits posed by leisure properties appoint diverse management teams that understand their backgrounds, needs, and desires, and can effectively reach a diverse target market.

This “trend” is getting a lot of support from an increasing number of countries throughout Africa. This niche has fallen in more recent times to the hands of smaller products that are owner-run. Who is now seeking to push back and further strengthen their brand position within the trade and make some serious noise! It’s not usual to have your brand put next to another in what some call a portfolio, right now we are stronger together, and by creating a community portfolio, we create a platform to stand together.

A good sales team should always focus on matching the right buyer profile to the profile of the brand. Quality leads are far better than a larger quantity of leads. It is firstly easier to nurture the few than the many. It is not to say that you should not put your name out there, but for quality control and better conversion, your team need to understand how to profile match and convert those leads into longstanding relationships.

There has been a lot of talk about whether the sales function is something of the past or not. In the past couple of years, virtual meetings and events were part of our lives. Needless to say, since the world has been moving back to the “new normal”, we have seen great enthusiasm in the trade of meeting face-to-face and attending local and international industry shows.

The conclusion, we need that human element, that connection, that moment of pure human interaction. Our industry is a people one. People buy people with a great story, so go tell your story or let us tell it for you!